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What is your return policy?

Because of the sensitive nature of our items, we do not accept returns or exchanges, except in the case of a damaged or non-functioning product for which we will offer an exact exchange only. If your product is damaged or defective, you need to contact us within 30 days of receipt to obtain an exact exchange. Please call our customer care department at 800.753.4536 x120 if you have any questions. Any item that is returned without authorization will not be accepted and sent back.

I received the wrong item.

Please call our customer care department and report shipping errors within 3 days of receiving your package. You can reach customer care at 800.753.4536 x120. Everyone at ThePleasureChest.com strives for accuracy, but we are human and mistakes do happen.


When can I expect to receive my backordered item?

Depending on the manufacturer, backordered items can be out of stock for several weeks. If this the case, we will contact you and give you the option of a comparable item or a refund. We try not to ship partial shipments, but will do so upon request.

How do I make a change to my order or cancel an item?

Email shipping@thepleasurechest.com or call 800.753.4536 x120 immediately, as most orders ship the same day that we receive them. If your order has already been shipped, you will be charged an $11.00 cancellation fee.


What forms of payment do you accept?

The Pleasure Chest accepts American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, PayPal, PayPal Credit and Amazon Pay. All orders must be paid in U.S. Funds. Your account will be automatically debited once you purchase the items.

When will my credit appear on my account after a return?

Your credit card will be credited within 3-5 business days from the date that we cancel your order or receive your item.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

All out of state shipping is tax free. Only orders shipped to addresses in California pay sales tax.

I have a question about charges on my credit card.

Please call customer care at 800.753.4536 x120.

My order won't go through. Why does it say that my billing address is invalid?

There are several reasons this could be happening. First, check to make sure that you have input your billing address correctly and without typos. If you are an international customer, AVS may not be supported for your credit card. At this time, we only accept payments from cards that support Address Verification. If your card does support AVS and you are still having this problem, you should contact your bank.

Privacy & Security

Is your checkout process secure?

Yes. ThePleasureChest.com is committed to keeping the information you submit secure and private. Our site is secured with SSl protection.

What is your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is available at thepleasurechest.com/privacy-policy.

Terms & Conditions

What are your terms and conditions?

Our terms and conditions are available at thepleasurechest.com/terms-of-service.


Who is NoFraud?

NoFraud is a fraud prevention solution for eCommerce businesses. They screen transactions on behalf of businesses and alert them if they find a transaction is at high risk for fraud. This protects consumers against unauthorized credit card use and protects businesses against fraud chargebacks.

Why am I getting an email/call/text message from NoFraud to confirm a transaction?

You received an email from NoFraud because your transaction had an irregular shopping characteristics and/or elevated risk. NoFraud wants to confirm the transaction was made by the authorized cardholder.

After I confirm the transaction, do I need to do anything else?

After you confirm the transaction there is nothing else you need to do unless you have been asked by a fraud analyst to provide additional information.

Will NoFraud ever ask me for my personal information?

NoFraud will never ask you for your full credit card number, social security number or any other personal information.

Will my order be delayed?

In most cases, as soon as your response is received, your order will be released for processing.

I did not make the transaction and neither did anyone that has access to my credit card/payment account. What do I do now?

After confirming that the transaction was truly unauthorized, we recommend that you contact your credit card company/payment account and inform them that your card has been compromised. Review the latest transactions on your account to ensure there is no other fraudulent activity to report. Your financial institution will likely put a hold on all future purchases from the compromised card/account and issue a new one for future use.


What do I do if my order did not arrive?

Make sure that you've tracked your package and that it has been delivered. You can also email shipping@thepleasurechest.com or call 800.753.4536 x120.

An item is missing from my shipment.

Please empty out all packing materials from your box to make sure that you didn't miss anything. Some items are small and are easily overlooked in large boxes. If you are certain that the items did not arrive please check your order online at www.thepleasurechest.com to make sure that the item is not on backorder. Have your order number and email address handy. If the item is shipped according to your account it's important to call customer care at 800.753.4536 x120. A missing item report must be filed within 24 hours of receiving your package.

Can I track my order?

To check the status of an order you've already placed, please click "order status" under the about link on our homepage. Be sure to have your order number and email address handy.

I upgraded my shipping. Why isn't my package here yet?

UPS is ThePleasureChest.com's preferred domestic and international carrier, although we also offer shipping via USPS Priority Mail. UPS and USPS will only ship on business days, Monday through Friday.  UPS is a guaranteed service, while USPS is not. A list of holidays that UPS and USPS do not ship can be found at www.ups.com or www.usps.gov. Orders received after 2 p.m. Pacific Time may not be shipped until the following business day. ThePleasureChest.com's business days are M-F 10-6 PST. Your guaranteed shipping and upgraded shipping is calculated from the time your package leaves our warehouse. ThePleasureChest.com will not guarantee the delivery time of any order. Shipping costs will not be refunded because of delayed deliveries. Deliveries can be delayed for any reason. Plan orders and choose payment options appropriately. A tracking number will be sent to you via email on the day your order is shipped, or you can retrieve your tracking number by clicking the "order status" under the about link at www.thepleasurechest.com. Be sure that you have your order number and email address handy.

Is a signature required for my package?

No. The only exception is if you request a signature, for an additional fee.

I received someone else's order.

Please call customer care at 800.753.4536 x120. Please do not remove items from their packaging.

Will my order be shipped discreetly?

Your privacy is important to us. All packages are shipped in discreet, unmarked boxes with 'PC LTD.' and our shipping address listed on the return label.

International / APO / FPO Orders

Do you ship to APO or FPO addresses?

We ship to APO and FPO addresses. Please make sure that the zip code matches the shipping address. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes. For international orders please check the legal status in your area. Some countries, counties and provinces do not allow products of this nature to be purchased or owned. We cannot be responsible for orders not received due to customs.

Do you ship to Europe?

Yes. For international orders please check the legal status in your area. Some countries, counties and provinces do not allow products of this nature to be purchased or owned. We cannot be responsible for orders not received due to customs.

Do you ship to Puerto Rico?

Yes. For international orders please check the legal status in your area. Some countries, counties and provinces do not allow products of this nature to be purchased or owned. We cannot be responsible for orders not received due to customs.